The Quickpacker is an unique take-down pack frame which eliminates the problems that are normally associated with a rigid pack frame. If you prefer to hunt a long distance from camp but do not like to wear a noisy, rigid pack frame all day, then the Quickpacker is for you. The Quickpacker can be carried in your day or fanny pack and assembled in minutes, with no tools required. When assembled, the Quickpacker is a total pack frame. Tough aircraft grade, black powder coated aluminum tubing is used throughout the pack.

The Meat Bag can handle any job you wish. A double drawstring that pulls from each side, a 3 inch header and a heavy but very breathable material makes this the best bag on the market.


The Elk and Deer Hoist utilizes 1 1/4" grooved steel roller bearings which takes most of the friction out while hoisting up game. Five rollers on the top and four rollers on the bottom block make the Hoist a great mechanical advantage. The Hoist comes with 100 feet of rope in a stuff bag and weighs only 2.5 lbs.
The Gambrel weighs 2 pounds and extends to 28 inches with the settings at 17, 19, 22, and 25 inches. The Gambrel comes complete with camo-cudora pouches. The Gambrel utilizes the lightness and the toughness of aircraft grade tubing and cables to make an outstanding purchase.
The use of these will result in lightning fast field dressing, super aggressive saw action and shorter skinning times. This is the most complete and effective field dressing system available.
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